Never allow gutter water to freeze

Roofs and gutters are our speciality, and both require a great amount of care and attention whilst being cleaned. Should you fail to do this, the results could be disastrous to say the least. It is for this reason our team only uses tested and approved methods when they are on the job. This has helped to make us stand above the other roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer.
Gutter cleaning isn’t exactly the most exciting of chores, nor is it sanitary, but it is something you don’t want to leave until the last minute. The next time you or a professional check your roof, it would be fantastic idea to do the same with your gutter. If you have not taken steps to clean them out by wintertime, not only are you putting your home at risk, but also your own wellbeing.

Debris, such as dead leaves that have fallen during the autumn, tends to become trapped inside your system, clogging everything up. This prevents the water from flowing as it should, which is a danger in itself. The real trouble however doesn’t pop up until the water freezes, as the refuse will stay confined until things begin to warm up again.

Under the extra weight that is generated by the ice, as well as the expansion of the frozen water, your gutters have a high chance of cracking. Not only is this a dreadful situation to be in, but it’ll also leave you with an unwanted Christmas present; a big repair bill. This can be avoided with proper maintenance though.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we manually remove all the debris we find in your gutter and on the roof, as opposed to using jet washing equipment. The team we have is extensively trained and always come prepared for the job that lays ahead.

If you’re worried about your house and want it cleaned before winter, we’d be more than happy to pay you a visit. You can expect a first rate service from a team that has a reputation as one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has.