Roof and gutter questions answered

A fact of life when owning a home is you need to keep your roof and gutters clean. Tree branches, dry leaves, and other material can accumulate in them over drier seasons. These become noticeable during big rainfalls when water spills over the edge or they start to sag. Luckily you can call on the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer to correct the problem.

As a leading provider we receive many questions from property owners and tenants. Here we will answer a few about cleaning roofs and guttering.

What can happen when you don’t clean your gutters is it can lead to many complex problems, all of which come with a price. Leaky guttering can cause erosion of walls and foundations. It can even force water into entering the property itself. Leaving debris in gutters for too long can see it become mouldy. This can attract wildlife. If the downspout gets blocked, water and additional debris will accumulate. Eventually the weight will become too much for the brackets and the whole gutter could come down.

Spotting damage from unclean gutters is best done by inspection. A visual check should be carried out before autumn to make sure the systems are ready for the most challenging parts of the year. When inspecting look out for; pools of water near your foundation or lawn, any water where it shouldn’t be, dripping gutters which can sometimes be not draining at all, and any signs of animal life.

The question remains – how often should you clean your gutters? Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean recommend that you have them cleaned at least twice a year. However, if you have pine trees around or near your house, it is wise to inspect and maintain your guttering every 3 months; pine needles can seriously block them up.

Sometimes gutters do need replacing, but not usually before 20 years since installation. Also, there are gutter guards available which prevent debris getting into them in the first place, saving you time and money. They could be an excellent investment.

Cleaning your gutters yourself can be a straightforward job, however we recommend that you let the work be undertaken by a professional. We have the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer to provide these services. We have built a reputation of being a reliable and fast service, and carry all work out manually; as jet washing can seriously damage your roof.

If you need our expertise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.