Roof cleaning could be better than replacing

Regarding roofs, along with any part of your home, you will find they become rather dirty in time. Algae, moss, and lichen are all causes of an unclean surface, but for many a homeowner the idea of getting it cleaned is unfamiliar. Fortunately one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has can offer you some useful advice about why you should invest in a service.

Numerous people think that if their roof is covered in algae it needs replacing. Although the organic matter does need to be removed, unless there is significant damage to the tiles you don’t need to be worried about replacing the whole thing.

A common thought is that algae can be ignored, but this isn’t necessarily wise. Although it can leave unpleasant stains on your surface, and seems harmless, it will continue to reproduce. The more it does, the more it will happily eat away at your tiles until removed properly. It is vital that you clean it from your roof tiles as soon as possible, as it will save you time and money later from repairs.

Another mistake people make when tending to the tiling is only cleaning the ones that show obvious stains. But in the earlier stages of a moss infestation, the signs of it are pretty hard to spot. Even if you can’t see much staining or damage, you should still clean the whole roof.

Many do think that hiring roof and gutter cleaning services isn’t worth the expense. However this is not true; putting the task into the hands of professionals couldn’t be more of a sound investment. Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean are specialists an can provide services that ultimately reduce the risk of needing a more tiling replacements. We are passionate about doing the job right, and so we only use manual methods of removing moss.

Once the moss has been removed, we apply a biocide treatment. This is designed to prevent re-growth, preserving the clean surface for a period of time. The price of roof cleaning may seem expensive, but you will add years to your roof’s lifespan; all while giving your home a cosmetic makeover.

The long term benefits of using our services are incomparable. If you require help from one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has, please get in touch today.