Clarifying roof cleaning myths

Whenever people need their roofs, gutters, or driveways cleaned, they prefer to come to us for assistance. Utilising a series of specialist, non-destructive techniques, in addition to some of the most sophisticated tools available, we clear up every nook and cranny, and leave your property looking as good as new. Being one of the best for roof cleaning Surrey has to give, we are the people to depend on, even in the direst of situations.

Our profession is one that’s home to all sorts of myths, many of which can make it quite difficult for homeowners to tell the difference between truth and fiction. Should they choose to believe everything that they hear however, it can really cost them. In order to separate these myths from the facts, we are going to go over common roof cleaning misconceptions that exist.

One of the most serious mistakes that individuals make is assuming that it’s just the visibly affected areas of the rooftop that require cleaning. Even though you cannot witness certain stains at present, it doesn’t mean that the area is clean. It’s only the more advanced phases of algae infestations that make them appear.

Our advice to you on this subject would be to contact us the moment you discover any algae on the roof, even if it’s only occupying a small space. By this point, the likelihood of it having taken over the entire roof is high.

Like the debris that makes its home on roofs, the biocides used to clean them off are also the topic of debate. To be specific, people say that temperatures have no bearing on these products. This is not the case though and the temperature can have a huge impact. In lower temperatures everything can take longer to settle, meaning it takes more time to get to work.

At Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean, with our trusty biocide plus tried and tested hand cleaning, we aim to produce outstanding and long lasting results. Known for our quick and reliable response, we have become the go to business for many of Surrey’s residents, and we hope to continue pleasing the population in the future.

If you require any aid from the most experienced team for roof cleaning Surrey has, please contact us.