Tackling roof mould

The key for combating mould in everyday circumstances is prevention. When you have a particularly humid summer, or extra rainy season: keep all gutters clean, and make sure there is a slope away from your home’s foundations. Ensuring gutters are working effectively will prevent any water accumulating which can consequently weaken your property’s external walls; creating mould if left untreated. In the event of a build up of mould, here are some pointers for dealing with it from the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer.

To deal with a mould and mildew problem it’s advised to start with a simple removal session. Make sure to wear safety goggles, a dust mask, and rubber gloves; this is due to organic matter being so harmful if breathed in. There are specialist sprays to help with the removal of it. Gently scrub the mould away with a damp cloth until it is gone. Once done, dry the area well with a soft cloth. Sometimes the worst case scenario is bringing a professional in; this is in the event of a large build up.

Mould proliferates in dark warm places, so make sure you open up the curtains every day so there’s lots of natural light. If you spot any condensation on your walls, dry it immediately. Keeping on top of general cleaning duties like dusting and vacuuming should keep mould at bay as it grows from spores.

It is always a preferred option to just completely prevent a build up of mould, and this is possible by just finding the source of the problem. For example, condensation may be the main problem so you will have to tackle your home’s humidity.

Often the reason for a build up of mould is due to gutters being blocked or damaged. A clean out, repair, or replacement may be necessary in order to tackle damp properly. If you discover the reason behind your mould problem is due to your roof and gutter requiring a clean, then considering some regular maintenance for them will save you time and money in future.

That’s when Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean can help. We offer a complete cleaning service for roofs gutters. If you require help from the very best team for roof cleaning Surrey has, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today. We will arrange a service for you.