Leftover leaves will lead to weeds

The team we have at Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean is one that prides itself on its talent for being able to perform first class work. Instead of using harmful pressure washers, we prefer to use a manual approach, ensuring that your roof’s integrity isn’t put at risk whilst we clean it. With the addition of our special biocide treatments, we provide results that are long lasting as well. This has helped us become the most accomplished for roof cleaning Surrey has.

A roof that is sufficiently cleansed and preserved will shield the contents and inhabitants for years to come. However, should you opt to neglect it, you may be forced to replace it entirely, something that isn’t cheap. Below, we have produced some advice on what you can do to prolong the life of your own rooftop.

If you own a house with a peaked roof, and low landscaping surrounds you, chances are that leaves won’t present much of a threat. Should your building be more complex though, or if there are lofty trees in the area, they’ll most likely gather close to the chimney and in the valleys. If you don’t get rid of the leaves, they are going to trap the moisture and decompose slowly. Not only shall the moisture accumulate, but the roof can also become a prime breeding ground for weeds.

It might be possible to pull the leaves down by joining a soft brush to a telescoping pole if you own a one-storey house with a low slopped roof. Some people may recommend the pressure washer, but they can actually force the water to go underneath your shingles. Therefore, it’s best to avoid using it.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we work to ensure a quality outcome with every service. With us, there’s no need for an aggressive strategy, and with £1 million in public liability insurance cover, there’s no project we’re not willing to take on.

If you would like our help, please contact the business. When you deal with us you can have confidence you are dealing with one of the most experienced teams for roof cleaning Surrey has. We keep roof clear and in the best possible condition.