Give your roof a long life with a great look

We are proud of our reputation as one of the roof cleaning companies Surrey residents love. In addition to our stellar services, we offer expert advice so that people can stay informed on how to protect their roof.

How Long Do They Last?

Of course, there is no accurate projection for how long your roof will last as there are too many factors for that to happen. The average lifespan is around 70 years. This depends upon aspects like the environment, weather conditions and maintenance. These effects can lead to the weakening of tiles. The amount of dirt, algae and other things that collect on your roof also have a big impact. This is not only an aesthetic issue but also a damaging one.

Invest In Expert Cleaning

Removing dark stains caused by moss, algae and lichen will lighten the colour of the roof. This not only looks better but also reduces theOut of the roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer, our team is known as the top choice by many. The work we complete will leave you with amazing results. Contact Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean now to book your free 15 minute quote amount of heat it absorbs, protecting the tiles.

Growths like algae and lichen can be harmful to your roof. They do this by growing in the spaces between your roof tiles and wearing them out. So by investing in regular cleaning, you could see a huge difference. People can also save money and time that would otherwise go to roof work in the long run.

You should never choose a company that offers pressure washing for your roof. The service may provide what would appear to be effective cleaning, but it actually damages the surface. The high pressure can crack tiles and strip away the protective layer. It can also flood the roof space and even damage guttering.

We use our own manual methods to remove any and all traces of dirt and growths. In addition we keep algae, moss and lichen from coming back again for several months by using a quality biocide treatment.

We can offer advice to suggest how often you should look to roof cleaning based on what we establish from our 15 minute quote. This leaves you with free and accurate information on the work that we offer. You can count on us so get in touch now. Find out why so many people believe we are the best of the roof cleaning companies Surrey offers.