Skipping over roof cleaning is worse than you think

More people are aware of the necessity of cleaning gutters than there are when it comes to the roof. Both these areas need regular maintenance to avoid issues. Luckily we are here as the gutter and roof cleaners Surrey can always depend on. We offer useful advice and great services.

Your Roof Is At Risk

The consequences of failing to clean your roof go beyond hurting the curb appeal. This build up of dirt and other substances can be quite damaging. Your roof is something that is forever facing the elements. This includes the sun, water, dirt and other natural substances like algae, moss and lichen.

Over time, exposure to general factors will weaken your roof and lead to you having to replace it. While it is unavoidable, not investing in professional cleaning will speed it up. This is due to allowing substances to weaken the tiles, ending in costly repairs and a short life. You can sometimes see when a roof needs cleaning through the presence of green patches and dark stains.

The damage it does comes in various forms. If there are dark stains present, this absorbs heat much faster and speeds up tile wear. Organisms like algae can eat away at your shingles too, making them much more fragile. Water damage is something that develops when moss and lichen are present on your roof as they retain moisture. This can distort tiles and result in wood rot and leaks.

Don’t Forget The Gutters

Guttering is a vital part of your roof. When they become blocked, they don’t allow collected water to drain away. It sits there instead, resulting in water escaping. This could be in the form of a roof leak, wall damage, and leaking gutters that pull away from the wall. By preventing a build-up of debris like leaves, you can prevent this and also reduce the growth of moss and algae.

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