A non-pressure chemical approach works well

Good roof maintenance could take more than a simple wash if you want the results to last. You may need a special treatment, especially if you have an issue with algae. We can assist you with this. Ours is the top business working in roof cleaning Surrey has. This means we have access to all the latest tools and treatments. We utilise each one to great effect in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Homeowners often wonder whether they can clean shingle and tile roofs in the same manner. Some say that you need a different service for each type. In reality, you can clean the majority of roofs using a non-pressure chemical roof cleaning method.


With shingles, you must cautiously wash them using a non-corrosive and non-toxic cleaner. It is important you choose a product that cannot damage the underlayment or exterior. The safest way to guarantee a no-damage result is by using a non-pressure chemical cleaning strategy. You don’t want high pressure because it can wash the surface granules away. This will harm your asphalt shingles.


For a tile roof, a non-pressure chemical cleaning shall get rid of the mildew and mould without weakening the materials. Clay tiles are more porous. The clay and sand creates tiling that function as brilliant insulators though. In addition, these roofs typically come with a sealant that guards against mould and algae. Slate tile roofs require a gentle wash to prevent delamination. When properly looked after, such roofs can serve you for more than five decades.

At Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean, we work to ensure that no complications pop up while we’re cleaning your property. Your dirty roofs might be drawing attention away from the rest of the structure now. However, that won’t last long when we arrive on the scene.

Working with the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has is really rewarding. We provide first rate results for every property, no matter how bad it currently is. If you wish to do business with us, please get in touch.