Roof cleaning is a job better left to a professional

As a property owner, you must know how important maintenance is to keeping your home in good condition. However, the roof is an area that people often neglect. As one of the highest quality roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer, we can help you with this.

Your roof might look fine from ground level, but upon closer inspection there may be plenty of small growths or pieces of debris. These can be very damaging if left alone. Cleaning is great for the kerb appeal of your property and it will also save you money in the long run. One thing you should remember though is that this is a job that you should not attempt yourself because of the risks.

Don’t Try DIY

You must approach the task of roof cleaning in a sensible manner. This means that you must be sure that you have the right skill set, knowledge and equipment to do the job. This is the only way to do the task right whilst staying safe.

In a situation like this, you are working at a height so you need to take the utmost care. Dangers include falling from incorrect footing on a ladder or from poor positioning. There is also a chance of slipping when moving around on your roof. If you decide to use chemicals, poor handling can harm you, your roof, and the landscape.

In terms of cleaning, it is not as simple as it may appear. It requires you to clean off and remove all mould, algae, moss and lichen that are present. If you fail to do so it will return fast. While a clean can stop damage occurring to your roof, this is only if you don’t break anything.

A Beneficial Process

While you shouldn’t be climbing up onto your property, that doesn’t mean that an expert can’t. They will be able to complete the job to high standards while keeping safe. This will keep your roof in great shape. In addition, you get to keep your money safe as cleaning is for more than cosmetic purposes. You can avoid an unnecessary roof replacement or extensive repairs.

Our free 15 minute survey is the perfect way to discover whether you could benefit from our work. Reach out to Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean today; we would love to help you in any way possible. You will see why we have a reputation as the best of the roof cleaning companies Surrey could hope to ask for.