Roof cleaning Guildford

How do I deal with a rusty roof?

With roof cleaning, Guildford residents will want the best results. This is something our team can offer every single time. We will remove all the dirt, debris, and stains from your rooftop. In addition, we will take things a step further by adding our special biocide treatment. It will discourage any organic growths like moss from returning, so the roof will remain cleaner for longer.

Rust on the roof

Most home owners won’t expect to see rust on their roof, especially if they have traditional tiles. However, you can notice it if you have steel sheets. In time the protective coating can wear, exposing the metal and allowing corrosion to begin.

It is also possible for it to appear on certain types of shingles. Those stains you find here don’t come from the roofing substance though, unless they contain some metal at least. Usually, rust stains on shingle rooftops originate from a nearby object. Examples include metal drainage pipes or chimney flashing. When they begin rusting, the red brownish colour is able to bleed into the surrounding areas of your shingle roof.

No matter what type of roof you have, rust stains are ugly. They are going to detract from your house’s kerb appeal. It is more of a recurring problem on metal roofs. Such a phenomenon is also more common in places where humid weather conditions are the norm. You must be careful with homes close to the coast too. The air can contain salt particles that can cause big damage.

The right approach to cleaning rust

In order to clean the rust from your roof, you are best off using a professional roof cleaner. What you need here is a solution of oxalic acid in order to get rid of it. Additionally, special equipment is necessary to clean the roof thoroughly and leave it free of blemishes. The treatments and equipment can be dangerous to use for anyone without the correct training. So, if you need the leading services for roof cleaning Guildford has, call us today.

Do some repainting too

Cleaning the rust stains from your roof is going to enhance its appearance. However, it won’t stop the material from rusting again. What you need to do is tackle the source. This may mean replacing any flashing or metal guttering that is corroding. You might also need to repaint or coat the roofing itself if it is metal sheets.

What you should start with is an investigation to see where rust is forming. You will have to begin with a sanding tool or wire brush to remove any traces. You then need to use a primer to get it ready for new paint. Finally it is a case of repainting using a weather proof, water resistant product.

Use us for roof cleaning in Guildford

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we prefer a manual approach over power washing roofs. This is an extremely gentle alternative to the other method. By using a pressure washer, you can actually leave your materials in a brittle, worn, and often discoloured state. It is also capable to removing the protective layer of your tiles. Moss may regrow quickly here too.

So, if you would rather use the foremost services for roof cleaning Guildford has, work with us. We have a great reputation and always take care of your property.