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Should I use a bag or bucket for gutter cleaning?

We are a business that specialises in cleaning the roofing and gutters of properties. Both areas can become filthy with enough time. However, the issues aren’t merely cosmetic. You could actually cause harm to the property if you ignore the issue. What you need to do is work with us. Ours is the foremost team excelling in gutter and roof cleaning Cobham has.

Gutters are essential to a roof’s efficiency

Those gutters that surround your home’s roof are essential to its overall efficiency. This is in terms of how well they can move water away before it is able to cause any damp complications.

During showers and storms, rain hits the roof and runs down it. When it gets to the eaves, it falls into the gutters. Afterwards, the water moves along the horizontal guttering until it gets to a downpipe. Here, it will run into whatever exterior water drainage system you have. This could be a surface water drain, a soakaway, or a rainwater harvesting system.

During this process, there could be a fault with your system. For example, there may be a clog that holds water in place so it drains slowly. That can cause water to penetrate into the walls and roof or spill down the side of the property. That can in turn cause damp, mould, and foundation problems. As a result, it is vital to clean your gutters. Let us know if you need the best services for roof cleaning Cobham has available.

Scraping out the debris

One of the most important steps here is taking care of the debris you scrape out of gutters. You could simply throw everything down onto the floor as you progress. This isn’t a bad idea for twigs, dry leaves and the like. For stagnant, wet sludge though, it will just make another mess for you to clean. What’s more, there is the danger of dropping the debris on a passer-by.

What you should think about doing is popping everything in a bag or bucket. A plastic bag can be a decent option here. This is particularly true if you are working with light debris such as dry leaves. Bags have a good capacity and you are able to secure them to a ladder with ease. You can tie it or use some variety of clip.

As for the bucket, this is what you need to use if you are handling soaking wet or damp debris. Buckets are waterproof and far sturdier so they are better at handling the weight. But, they can be troublesome to hold and position securely. You need to be careful when you handle them.

Fast and reliable gutter and roof cleaning in Cobham

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, our speciality is offering professional services to make everything look exceptional and work properly. We have a reputation for offering reliable and quick services. In addition, the team prefers to remove debris manually as jetwashing isn’t good for the property.

So, if you wish to work with the foremost business for gutter and roof cleaning Cobham has, please let us know. You can join our vast array of happy customers.