How long do roof tiles last?

Many home owners wonder how long their roof tiles will last without the need for replacements. In general terms, it’s widely accepted that high quality UK made roofing tiles should have a lifespan of at least fifty years. However, in order to last this long, they will require care, cleaning and maintenance, just like any other part of your property.

We specialise in professional and gentle roof cleaning in Surrey, and we ensure your roofing is cared for in a way that helps ensure the intended lifespan. We always take care to effectively remove dirt and unwanted algae growth as gently as possible, without the need for harsh techniques such as abrasive chemicals or high pressure jets.

Jet washing may offer a fast and efficient way to clear moss, lichens, mould and other growths, but it can be damaging to tiles and usually only provides a short term solution to the problem. We’ve seen many cases where moss and lichens have grown back at an increased rate shortly after pressure washing has taken place. This is because jet washing tends to strip the granular surface finish from tiles, leaving behind conditions which are ideal for moss to return. This also makes the tiles more vulnerable to weather damage and other issues, which will shorten their life and possibly mean they have to be replaced. Our manual hand removal may take longer, but it provides an outstanding finish and long term results, especially when combined with a biocide wash.

The fifty year figure should be a minimum for how long tiles should last, and not a deadline for when they will eventually need to be replaced. We are focused on balancing highly effective cleaning with caring for the roof and safeguarding it against future damage, ensuring excellent results for our clients no matter how large or challenging the task may be.