Using the most effective techniques

We pride ourselves on our reputation as leading roof cleaners in Surrey, a status that we have achieved not only by delivering the best results, but also through the methods we use to carry out our work. Our processes and materials are all focused on delivering a service which is both long lasting and environmentally friendly.

When it comes to cleaning materials, we are Surrey’s local contractors for AlgoClear, formerly known as MossGo. We are proud to represent this biocide in our region as it delivers exceptional results without causing damage to roofing or pollution to the environment. AlgoClear is made up of elements which remove and prohibit the return of moss by natural means, without any need for harsh chemicals.

Some might consider it quicker and easier to simply use power blasting equipment to spray roofing from ground level. However, this approach wastes resources, does not ensure that all the moss or dirt is cleared away, and is likely to cause damage to roofing tiles. For us, the only way to properly clean a roof is to get up onto it and carry out the work manually. That’s the only way we can be sure that we’ve cleared away all the dirt and moss, and ensures our treatment with AlgoClear will work as intended.

Roof cleaning services are ultimately about making sure that your roofing is clear of any dirt, debris or moss growth that would harm or damage its ability to protect your property from the elements. We go the extra mile to ensure that it’s done in a way that benefits your home and the environment as effectively as possible. With AlgoClear complementing our considerate and comprehensive approach to roof cleaning, Surrey residents take confidence in knowing that working with us means using the most responsible approach to getting the job done.