Is moss on roof tiles a problem?

Any moss on roof tiles can create many problems such as obstructions to gutters and wood rot. The main issue is that a growth can mean costly repairs, whilst limiting your roof’s lifespan. Generally, if the organic material has proliferated this can mean a professional is required to remove it effectively. Fortunately we are the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has, able to safely and carefully remove it.

Moss is very common on roofing and most households will experience a growth of it at some point. Smaller patches are usually not a problem, however if it’s not tackled early enough it can develop further and will become an issue. This is due to:

– Moss is comparable to a sponge, meaning it can absorb a lot of water. If your roof is always wet the water can eventually seep through and cause any wood to rot. This is a threat to your home’s structure.
– If there is a large build-up of lichen and moss, this can one day come away and block up your gutters. The blockage can send water over the side of guttering rather than into the down spout. This can lead to damage to your home’s foundations.
– Moss always brings the potential of attracting wildlife of many types, from insects to birds. These can result in more debris on the surface also increase the risk of blocked gutters.

In order to avoid any expensive repairs, any moss build-ups should be removed as soon as possible. It is advised you avoid pressure washing your roof tiles though; this can damage your roof tiles more so than the moss!

A better option for tackling a build-up is by gently removing it by hand. This will cause the least amount of damage to the tiling. If the moss growth is too far along, or you want to be assured of a safe, professional service, it would be wise to hire a specialist to tackle the problem.

Preventing the build-up in the first place is the most cost effective way of addressing the problem. Some options for prevention, that won’t break the bank, are installing copper ridges on your roof. Copper ridges work by releasing an element that helps to discourage any moss growth.

Here at Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we can help you tackle any problems you come across regarding your roofing and gutters. We believe in non-abrasive methods for cleaning roofs, and once we have done that we will even apply a environmentally friendly biocide.

We assure you we are one of the best for roof cleaning Surrey has, enjoying a great reputation for our consistently high quality services. If you require our services, please get in touch today.