Blocked gutters spell trouble for your walls

Ours is a business that has built its reputation on a quick and reliable service, as well as outstanding results. Whatever state your property is in now, rest assured that it won’t be that way for long once we arrive on the scene. Standing out from the other roof cleaning companies Surrey has due to our consistently high standards, you should get in touch with us if you require such services.

Aside from roofs, we are also well known for our work on gutters. A gutter can be obstructed with weeds, dirt, twigs, and much more. The seeds that weeds form from are generally blown into your system via the wind or deposited by birds. Since this is the case, it would be ideal to have an annual cleaning procedure put into place so that everything remains clear.

Of course, not everyone can tell when their gutters have been blocked from first look. Luckily there are ways of discovering if there is a problem.

The first thing to look for is signs that water is running down your structure’s exterior rather than through the downspout. This is something that can lead to mould developing on both the outside and inside of your walls. The reason why this happens is that water punctures the wall, ruining both the wallpaper and paint, something that can stay undiscovered if hidden by furniture.

Moss and pointing damage are also huge indicators. Clogged gutters result in overflows and water coming down the walls. Consequently, stonework, pointing or even brickwork can be devastated. The damp that is able to infiltrate your walls can cause moss to expand too. This just adds to the issue because mosses are capable of retaining any water it’s exposed to, preventing the walls from drying out.

At Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean, we revitalise your gutters and roofs in ways that add longevity to your tiles. This means we never resort to forceful approaches that could result in additional wear. Instead of pressure washers, we use manual strategies that are designed to cause the least amount of harm.

If you desire aid from one of the longest serving roof cleaning companies Surrey has, please give the team a call. We can arrange to do a full inspection of the roof and guttering, determining exactly what is needed to get everything working properly again.