The procedures for dealing with moss-ridden monoblock driveways

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The act of cleaning monoblock driveways has always been a time consuming one. They may seem functional and aesthetically pleasing at first glance, but they’re also a favoured breeding ground for weeds, lichen, and moss. You shouldn’t worry too much however; there are solutions out there that you can use to be rid of them.

Before you get to the treatment phase, you must prepare your surface. Instead of being so quick to get the chemicals out, rid your driveway of as much loose dirt and debris as you can. This way, the moss killers will be able to do their job more productively, saving you quite a bit of time and money.

Now we move onto treatment. Once you’ve finished brushing off your driveway, grab your moss killing spray and use it on the surface. After the chemicals have done their job, leave your drive for 30 to 60 minutes. When this time has elapsed, wash everything down with a hosepipe or use a brush.

Ideally, you should always make the effort to preserve the neatness of your monoblock. Cut back anything that leads to shading during the winter, and wipe off any leaves to avoid staining. An occasional brush also helps and isn’t awfully taxing.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, the approaches we take have proven themselves far less harmful and longer lasting than those results given by pressure washers. Aside from offering top-notch services, our team can also provide advice to those clients who are confused about certain aspects of the cleaning process.

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