Understanding fascias and soffits

In spite of the fact we specialise in gutter and roof cleaning Surrey residents can rely on, we still recognise that not everyone knows about the subject. There’s much to consider when it comes to taking care of them. Importantly, you need to know how they function and what role each part has to play. This blog will cover the subject of fascias and soffits; both easy terms to get your head round.

What is commonly used gutter jargon is the term ‘fascia’. To put it simply, this is a board that stretches the whole length of the lower part of a roof. It is designed and fitted with the purpose of protecting roof rafters from the typical elements; you will find this part attached directly to the gutter. As fascias are usually made from uPVC plastic, this makes them much easier to clean and more durable when compared to some wooden ones. If you find your fascias are made from wood, we highly recommend this gets inspected as rot is likely.

Just underneath the fascia is the soffit. The sole purpose of a soffit is to ensure no wildlife such as insects, birds or water can gain access inside your roof. Again, these are beneficial due to the fact they are usually made from uPVC plastic; making them easy to clean and maintain.

Not many understand the importance of these two features; to help with this we recommend regular maintenance to keep them in excellent condition. If this is taken into consideration you may find you save big expenses, as a whole new gutter installation can be spared. Additionally, making sure they are made from uPVC plastic will eliminate the risk of rot, all the while creating an easier cleaning job.

Here at Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean, we can help you with the job of cleaning your roofing and guttering.  Keeping on top of this is important as it will ensure lasting use, and less maintenance costs. Our team are professional and have built a reputation as the most accomplished for roof cleaning Surrey has.

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