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Is removing ivy a good idea?

When you need roof cleaning, the best solution would be to work with a team that is reliable and fast. We have built our reputation on being both. In addition, we work manually instead of relying on a pressure washer. Consequently, we have become one of the top companies working in roof cleaning Croydon has.

A divisive plant

Green ivy is one of those plants that is very divisive among property owners. It is an unbounded climber that does not care about other flora whatsoever. The same goes for the buildings and fences it grows on. There are those who like to leave it to progress. Others get to cutting it off the moment it shows up.

When it is left alone, the ivy makes its way up the walls and to the roof. Here, you will need to make a choice. You need to deal with it or leave it. Some will argue that ivy covering your home will add some idyllic charm to it. However, others are not fond of it. In fact, there is evidence to suggest it can negatively influence your house’s structural features.


The common belief in regards to the ivy debate is that disposing of it is more advantageous. There is a myriad of reasons why you won’t want it to take over. To begin with, there is the issue of the ferns moving in and under your tiling and shingles. They can make them unstable or pull them free. This influences a building’s structural integrity. Furthermore, it produces gaps, allowing rain to enter your house.

From damp to rot and mould

Naturally, this generates damp problems with your roof and loft space. This leads to rot and mould setting in. In addition, damp can become a concern on your roof’s surface. Ivy can hold onto a large amount of water. It can cause issues with the roof structure’s timber elements. The brickwork can suffer too.

Should the ascending plant cover your windows and skylights, you may find yourself with less natural light. Furthermore, the ventilation of your property will suffer.

Last but not least, there are the legal issues to think about. There could be trouble if the ivy makes everything look unkempt. Local councils have a history of issuing fines as high as £1,000 to people who ignore calls to clean their property up.

Preserving the property with our roof cleaning in Croydon

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we use our services to add longevity to your rooftops. We always produce results without complicating matters. This is possible thanks to our employees, all of whom have extensive training.

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