Keep your roof clean when selling your house

Roof cleaning is a very delicate practice which requires the most gentle and trained of hands. We mean this literally in the case of our Surrey based company, as we employ manual methods to remove the stains, dirt and unwanted organic materials from your roof. This is done so that we do not compromise the integrity of your roof tiles, which usually happens when people employ more forceful methods such as pressure washing.

Roof cleaning and house sales actually go hand in hand, as a clean surface can prove to be a deal saving aspect once it comes to the property survey. Before you start the process of selling your house, you may want to call upon the services of a professional cleaner such as us to freshen up the roof.

You won’t soon regret this choice as a professional clean brings with it a plethora of benefits. Cleaning the exterior of your house enhances the kerb appeal, which will increase the traffic of buyers and possibly reduce the time on the market as a result. As much as 10% can even be added to the value of the house thanks to the improved aesthetics.

A spotless roof can also reduce the risk of delays. One thing that can quickly delay a deal is conducting all of the surveys on the property to ensure it is sound and in good condition. If the roofing is clean and well looked after buyers will have more confidence in it and a full roofing survey may not be needed, saving the time and the cost too.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we work particularly hard to ensure that we produce excellent results without any complications. We work with clients looking to sell their properties at various times of the year and will always advise on the best time to have the roofs cleaned. The end of autumn and start of summer are typically the best periods to do this.

If you want first rate services from the one of the leading roof cleaning companies in Surrey we would be proud to serve you.