Moss growth and how to help prevent it

As specialists in roof and gutter cleaning, our reputation is one that has been built on a service that’s not only reliable and effective, but long-lasting as well. To make sure that we are able to perform at full efficiency, we utilise tried and tested techniques and the right cleaning products when necessary.

Don’t mistake the growth of moss on your roof as just another eyesore; it is more of a threat than that. If left unchecked, mosses can threaten the structural integrity of your abode and ultimately your family’s health. Should you find a sizeable growth of the organic material on your roof, call us sooner rather than later to get rid of it.

A number of factors contribute to the growth of mosses and by knowing them yourself you can take the right measures to help prevent it. The shingles which are present on your roof are exposed to humid and moist conditions. When this is combined with the shade from trees they become the perfect environment for moss to thrive in.

In addition to the environment, an accumulation of tree leaves and other organic debris on your roof gives the moss the necessary nutrients which are needed for growth. To help prevent this, trim the tree branches near your house in order to cut off some of the nutrients. Removing any debris from the roof as quickly as possible is wise too.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we are experts in the disposal of moss and other forms of debris from your roof. Utilising our non-destructive manual cleaning techniques and our special biocide, we both remove the moss from your roof and stop its growing capabilities at the same time. Clients can rely on the skills and experience of our roof cleaners.

We have built our reputation on always delivering a first rate service. Our focus is on ensuring that all clients are satisfied and are left with roofs that look great, serve their function, and enjoy a good life.