Manual methods are safer and gentler

Regular roof maintenance is essential for dealing with the growth of potentially damaging presences such as algae and moss. Moss in particular is a persistent problem for roofs. It can easily grow on many surfaces, including trees, walls and paths. As it grows it regularly produces very small spores that eventually become airborne. These spores like to settle on roofs, and once there they begin to grow into moss.

Roofs shelter and protect our properties and need to be kept structurally sound. When they incur even the smallest damage, they can fall into disrepair if the problems are left untreated. As the weather is still cold, there is great potential for moss growth, so it is an important time of year to have the condition of roofs assessed. As the weather begins to warm up the lack of moisture in the air will turn the moss into a plant mass similar to rust. The major problem with moss is that unlike algae and lichen it is extremely difficult to clean and can be very damaging to roofs.

When moss is left to grow, it becomes very absorbent, soaking up and storing the rainwater that lands on the roof. Rather than being directed towards the gutter and drainage system the rain will eventually begin to seep through the layers of the roof, saturating the sheathing. This is likely to result in decay and mould, causing weakening of the whole structure. In some cases, the roof membranes designed to support the structure will start to rot, and this can be a particular danger with attics that are heavily ventilated.

When roof shingles have very small spaces in between they are susceptible to moss growth. The tiny spores that collect in them form a thick mat in wet climates. This is common on north facing roofs, those that are heavily shaded by trees, and those that cannot dry out due to insufficient sun exposure.

As specialist Surrey roof cleaners, we can thoroughly remove moss and other unwanted presences and leave you with impeccably clean roofs. We use a gentle, manual removal method that is 100% safe, effective and suitable for older roofs with aged and worn tiles. Our specialised equipment and non-abrasive techniques produce outstanding results while protecting your roof surface. If you have noticed moss on your roof, get in touch with us as soon as possible.