Tackling your roof’s moss problems

Moss can thrive on roofs in the UK because of the wet weather. Once the organic matter takes root on a roof, it could spread across the whole surface if it is not treated, eventually falling into gutters and potentially causing blockages. The material can also damage the tiles and reduce their life if the problem is not swiftly treated.

Roofs are more likely to develop moss when there are trees in the vicinity because leaves and sticks can easily find their way onto the surface and into gutters. In these cases, you’ll need to monitor the roof carefully for signs of debris so you can have them cleaned promptly. It is important to keep in mind that the longer you leave issues untreated the more potential there will be for damage. It is also more difficult to remove moss that has been growing on a roof for years than it is to remove new growth.

When monitoring your roof, pay extra attention to the shaded side. Moss will thrive here because the surface will receive less sun to dry it out. This means it will stay saturated for longer and have more chance to grow. You could easily find one side of your roof is free of moss and the other is covered.

The best way to resolve the problem is to hire a professional team who will clean the roof, use a biocide to help prevent further growth and ensure trees located close to the property are kept properly maintained. We can offer a comprehensive roof cleaning service, and can tackle moss problems on any property regardless of size.

We have built an outstanding reputation which has set us apart from other roof cleaning companies in Surrey, thanks to our safe and gentle techniques. We take care to ensure our team are safe when they are on roofs, especially those that are covered in saturated moss. Property owners can put their faith in our roof cleaners to work carefully and thoroughly at all times.