What looks good may not be good for your roof

Many people admire an aged and weathered look on buildings, as it gives a sense of the incredible history and times through which it has stood. However, it would be wrong to assume that all changes which create this weathered look are a good thing. If unattended, ageing can lead to extensive and even dangerous damage for a building, particularly when it comes to growths of moss and algae.

As specialists in roof cleaning throughout Surrey, we are often asked to clean roofing which features marks, stains and even moss growth which those responsible for the property find visually appealing. However, it is vital to clear these elements away in order to keep the roof in good condition and maintain it at its best.

Moss growth inflicts two major problems on roofs. Firstly, it adds weight, which can lead to cracks in roof tiles and slates. In addition to this, the moss growth eats away at the fixings which keep your roofing in place, causing tiles to become loose and dislodged. The net effect of this is to see slates become free and fall from your roof, and to allow for leaks to develop, which can cause mould, damp and catastrophic structural damage in the property.

Although moss may seem to be a rustic and charming feature on historic properties, the reality is that it could actually be causing real damage and that it needs to be cleaned away as quickly as possible to preserve the strength and structure of the roof. We can regularly clean and clear away growths such as moss, ensuring that your property stays strong and protected for many years to come. We will always use the safest and most suitable cleaning techniques to make sure your roof is protected from further damage and stays in excellent condition.