Remember to look after your driveway and patio

Our abilities go beyond providing roof cleaning Surrey depends on. We can also carry out work on your driveway, patio and gutters. This will help you to keep your property looking amazing at all times. A professional service is worth the investment, especially when you look at how much the aesthetics improve.


We can give new life to wood decking, patios and driveways. Through removing stains, dirt and algae growth, it will look brand new. You may also benefit from patio sanding. Even if the rest of your property looks well maintained, one dirty surface can ruin everything. So, don’t let this happen.

Make The Right Choice

Like with many other things, there is a right and wrong way to clean surfaces. For example, you must ensure that your method of choice cleans within any gaps and cracks present. A deep cleanse is the only way to effectively get rid of any substances that may grow back.

Not everyone uses the right methods for different materials. Each material will require specific attention and care. Therefore you need to ensure that you do not damage the surface in the process. For example, wooden decking and paving slabs are very different. Using incorrect chemicals can weaken timber, making it easy to damage and costing you money.


Did you know that a build up of dirt and other substances can reduce friction? This is one of the reasons a thorough clean is a must. Otherwise, you are increasing the chance of people tripping over and hurting themselves. Through a clean by us, you can keep surfaces in great condition.

Are you interested? Why not give us a call and book a free 15 minute quote? This way we can see in person the work you would need and also give a fair price with no obligation. You’ll love the premier results you receive.

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