There is a right and wrong time for roof cleaning

We often have people asking us questions about what we offer. We are happy to answer them and show why we are the roof cleaners Surrey depends on. This way you can have a full understanding of why a service like ours is vital.

When Is Best?

Typically, your roof should be cleaned every year. But this can differ due to reasons such as how prone you are to moss and lichen growth. Don’t worry, we can help you by discussing your roof and what it takes to keep it protected.

As for the time of year, the summer months are best. This is because of the reduced chance of wet weather that would cause a slipping hazard. There is also plenty of light as the days are longer and brighter. As a result there is more time to finish jobs.

Every cleaner on our team knows how to move across your roof with the necessary safety precautions. At the same time they can complete a first class job with amazing results. By adopting a manual method of cleaning alongside a biocide, we can remove all traces with care for long lasting results.

Get Expert Advice

Through a free no obligation quote, one of our experts can take a look at your property and advise accordingly. After all, without being there it is hard to tell exactly what work needs doing. It only takes 15 minutes and as a result you will be protecting your roof. We make scheduling simple by allowing you to choose the most convenient time for you.

Don’t Put It Off

When you do not clean your roof, you are allowing moss and algae to grow everywhere. And if you decide not to get it done regularly, you are saying welcome back as it will return.

The consequences are detrimental. The exterior of your building will appear much poorer, especially if the moss starts to destroy your roof and leave patches. In terms of issues you cannot see, it can grow between the tiles. This leads to water damage, mould, staining and even structural issues.

Keep your roof clean and in great condition. By contacting our team, you can ensure that you are only getting first-rate specialists to carry out the required work. Would you like to find out why people know us as the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer? If so, you can reach us at 07592 589484.