Roof cleaning that does not disturb materials

The most important thing with any roof is that it is watertight. Even a small leak can be a huge issue, resulting in structural weakness, damp, mould, and illness. To ensure this does not happen, roofers place materials carefully and ensure they overlap so water cannot get in. Sadly with time the tiles or shingles can move. This could also happen because of incorrect cleaning. With the best roof cleaning Guildford has to offer on your side however, this is not an issue.

Pressure washing

Lots of roof cleaners use pressure washers because they are quick and easy to use. However there are several reasons why this is not a good option. Firstly the water can strip protective layers from materials and leave them brittle. Secondly, the pressure can lift tiles or shingles, creating a bigger gap so it is easier for water to enter the roof. This is more likely if the roof cleaner sprays against the slope of the roof.

Walking safely

Another issue that can disturb and displace roofing materials is people walking carelessly around the surface. Stepping in the wrong place and putting too much weight on tiles or shingles is unwise. This is more likely if you choose inexperienced roof cleaners. In addition to the potential for damaging the materials, someone who walks around the roof with little care is at more risk of tripping, slipping and falling.

First rate services

Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean offer the best services. Our team has a wealth of experience and always takes care when they work on roofs. They clean by hand instead of using pressure washers, ensuring there is no risk of disturbing materials. To keep algae, moss and lichen away for longer, we use a reliable biocide.

If you want the best roof cleaning Guildford can offer, rely on us. Get in touch today to arrange a home visit and quote for the service.