A pressure washer will ruin your tiles

We are a company that offers roof cleaning Weybridge locals can count on. Our team has been so successful because they use a manual approach instead of pressure washers. The trouble with the latter is that it can potentially cause damage. To avoid this we take the safe route. It is also one that allows us to provide long-lasting results.

One common question we get from clients is whether pressure washing will ruin their roof’s tiles. In reality, there are several reasons why someone might want to think about using these high-powered utensils. They may simply want to brighten their roof up. On the other hand, they might specifically be looking to remove any moss that has been building up. Others use pressure washers to prepare their roof for a sealant/coating.

Reducing the life expectancy

The fact, however, is that you should never use high pressure water when working on roof tiles. The UK’s most common roof tiles are concrete. They have a granular/sandy finish on the tile’s exposed side. This normally wears off gradually. Eventually, you will need to replace the tile. Normally, this must happen after 80 to 100 years of regular weathering. By using a pressure washer on them, you can strip the surface off much faster. Such an action lowers life expectancy.


There is a risk of flooding to your loft space if you use a pressure washer as well. A standard roof should endure the elements. However, they are not supposed to cope with high speed water that has been ejected from a nozzle. It is possible for the water to penetrate past the overlaps. From there it will enter your roof.

At Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean, we aim for fantastic results and zero complications every time. In addition to roofs, we clear out gutters too. This will help you in avoiding serious damage to your property.

When you want to work with the top team for roof cleaning Weybridge has, choose us. You can get in touch to speak about your home and learn about what we can do to improve the roofing.