Should you worry about moss on your roof?

There are some people who think that moss gives your home a fairytale charm but actually, it is harmful and can cause a lot of damage. As a result you may end up needing to pay for expensive and extensive repair work. Instead, turn to the expert services for roof cleaning Godalming residents love.

“Should I worry?”

Moss will tend to form on the parts of your roof that have shade from the sun, such as under heavy tree cover. People living in damp climates with a lot of rain are also more likely to see algae growth.

You shouldn’t panic if your roof has moss or algae growing on it. There are a lot of people who think that it means that they need to replace it or deal with water damage. Luckily, its presence alone doesn’t mean that there is damage. However, allowing it to grow unchecked will more than likely result in problems you will have to deal with later down the line. The sooner you get rid of these growths, the better.

The problem with moss is that it acts as a sponge and absorbs water, leaving your roof wet for longer. The water could travel beneath the tiles, where it can rot the wooden roof components. This threatens the structural integrity and leads to expensive repair work. Also, the moss can break off and fall into the gutters which will block them. You might not realise it at first but it will harm your drainage system and result in water damage.

“What should I do?”

Typically, all you will need is a thorough clean and regular maintenance to keep your roof and gutters in healthy condition.

roof cleaning GodalmingIf you notice moss on your roof, even in small sections, you should remove it. This is important regardless of whether it has been there for a long time or only appeared recently. Don’t use pressure washing though as this can cause damage to tiles and drench the roof interior. Your best approach is to contact experienced professionals so reach out to us now.

If your roof has algae or moss, you need to address it. Contact Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean now and we can arrange a free 15 minute quote. This will provide you with an accurate price for the thorough roof cleaning Godalming residents rely on. You can call us at 07592 589484, email, or use the contact form on our site.