Roof moss can be dangerous

Britain is a country famously known for allowing many plants to flourish. Unfortunately these natural beauties bring some nuisances to our homes. One of the most prevalent is moss, and its easy proliferation on roofs and gutters. Fortunately we have the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has to offer; if you need assistance we can provide it.

There are a number of steps property owners can take to tackle this problem. These, plus hiring the services of professional roofing cleaners can kill the moss and ensure it doesn’t come back.

As said previously, we live in a part of the world where moss and other types of spores easily spread. Any porous surface like wood, brick and common house building materials are very attractive to moss, allowing them to latch on and helping them to grow and spread. Moss itself is not damaging, but over time if it is left to grow can affect the safety, functionality and value of our homes.

When it grows it can affect shingles, commonly lifting them, and eventually causing serious rot to the roof and gutters. As well as roof deterioration, moss can come away easily and therefore clog surrounding gutters. These can all lead to issues if not dealt with soon enough.

So what can be done about moss growth? Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean provide cleaning services for many types of roofing. Our moss, lichen and algae removal is done by hand to maximise the standards. In addition we use environmentally friendly biocide, ensuring that it doesn’t return anytime soon and saving you money in the long term. In turn this increases the lifespan of your roof and gutters.

If you require more information from the best team for roof cleaning Surrey has to offer, please contact us today. We can discuss our services and what else you can do to prevent things growing on your roof. Simple maintenance like keeping trees trimmed and cleaning up leaves can really help.