Typical life expectancy of roofs

We rely on our roofs a lot for keeping us sheltered, especially during this time of year. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Understanding how long yours will last is important. We would like to share some advice on this topic. We hope this knowledge us apart from the other roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer.

The general life expectancy of a roof depends on many factors. The main one regards the materials used to build it. Most roofs are made from shingle or asphalt which normally last for more than 20 years, but no more than 40. Other materials usually are expected to last for 50 or more years. The quality of installation and design greatly factor in too. However, due to typical British weather the life expectancy can be reduced.

What can damage my roof most?

The general elements such as UV rays, high winds, rain and snow can seriously damage our roofing and gutters. Although there is no way of stopping such weather, there are ways of preventing the damage. One way is by periodically checking the condition of them both, or whenever heavy rainfall has occurred.

Furthermore, during the inspection of your roof and gutters ensure you look out for build ups of debris. Often moss can create even the smallest of cracks in your roof, which can soon allow in large amounts of water. So be sure to source roof cleaners as soon as possible, especially if the moss is prolific. Additionally, cleaning gutters of any leaves and other dirt will prevent blockages and therefore avert any larger foundation problems.

What else can help with roof cleaning?

If you would like to avoid hefty roof repairs and replacements, cleaning and closely maintaining it as much as possible is recommended. With Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we can provide you with the required advice and services for fulfilling such tasks. We are regarded as one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer. Our specialist methods are environmentally friendly, and can have lasting effect.

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