Why you shouldn’t pressure wash your roof

Many homeowners will need the services of the best roof cleaners Surrey has to offer at one point. When the surface looks dirty and neglected, a quick clean can refresh it.

There are many reasons why people think power washing the roof is a good idea. Some reasons include the removal of moss, for preparation of roof sealant, or a general clean. However, note it is best to opt for hand cleaning methods.

You shouldn’t ever pressure wash your roof

The most used roof tile in the UK has a granular finish. Unfortunately this wears away. The gradual wear means replacement is inevitable. A high powered force such as pressure washing can strip the finish much quicker. The faster the tile’s finish erodes, the shorter its life expectancy. This will potentially cost you hundreds of pounds.

Keeping this in mind, roof tile specialists advise homeowners not use pressure washers for this reason. Additionally, in typical circumstances roof moss is common but isn’t known to be harmful. However, in the worst case scenario moss build ups can become loose and block gutters. If this happens, a homeowner’s best course of action is removing it by hand.

What roof cleaning method is best?

Nothing beats hand removal. It is the least abrasive technique and won’t strip the protective coating. With our services, you can expect a follow-up biocide treatment too. This ensures lasting protection against moss growth. Along with its quick and lasting effect, the treatment is also eco-friendly.

Taking all possible preventative measures for moss build up will save you more in the long run. Treating your roof with care and avoiding pressure washing will provide lasting effect. Additionally, this will lessen the chance for flooding in loft spaces.

If you need the expertise of roof cleaners Surrey has nobody better than us. Please contact our team today.