Roof maintenance is vital

As we specialise in roof cleaning Surrey home owners can trust, we understand how vital good maintenance is. Adds years to the life expectancy of your roof with the correct maintenance. Whether the surface is shingle, tile or shake, keeping it maintained will save you copious amounts of money. Additionally, it will prevent damage to your home’s foundation.

How to care for your roof

The best way to keep your roofing well maintained is through cleaning. You can carry out your own process of cleaning it, removing any debris present. Furthermore, you can diagnose any potential problems needing attention. However, cleaning your roof can present many hazards. For example, the risk of falling is likely especially if moss is present.

What is a good roof maintenance plan?

To begin with, an inspection and thorough clean twice a year is best. What time you choose is entirely up to you. However, we recommend it’s carried out during autumn and spring. No matter if your roofing is old or new, it should be routinely maintained.

Keeping this in mind, your roof can become damaged easily. Not only does the rain, UV rays and wind damage, but so can branches and other debris. If there are any moss build ups, this could also cause a blockage in your gutter. This is why regular checks are vital. But, remember the surface sometimes isn’t easy to access thus it’s hard to spot damage.

Moreover, it is wise to take into consideration investing in services for cleaning roofs. This way you can prevent injury to yourself, and ensure correct standard and a full inspection. Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean provide such services. Our methods for removing moss ensure our client’s roofs have lasting effect. With a small investment in roof cleaning Surrey home owners can prevent large expenses on repairs.

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