What is the cost of roof cleaning?

Although we are one of many roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer, there are many reasons why we stand out. For example we have some of the best quotes in the area. But, the price can vary depending on many factors. Some of these include the type and size of roof, as well as the cleaning type. If your roofing and gutters requires debris clean, it won’t be as pricey; whereas removal of algae can bump up the costs.

What affects roof cleaning price?

If algae and moss needs removing, the amount present can influence cost. Additionally, your roof type, condition and location can factor into the overall price. For example drier, sunnier areas may have more damage from sunlight. Conversely, more moss is likely to be present in wetter locations. Furthermore, the more trees and vegetation that surround your house the better chance of moss.

Investing in professional cleaners outweighs any costs

As cleaning roofing and gutters is a periodic issue, it is wise to hire a professional. Where homeowners may attempt to clean themselves, this may not bode well for safety reasons. That is why it’s important to hire a professional with the correct equipment and expertise. A proper job ensures lasting roof beauty and life expectancy. Along with this, a better kept surface improves market value.

When sourcing an experienced, reputable cleaning company there are some things to expect. For example, an estimator will inspect your roof and establish the status of it. They will look for any damage, and account for this when choosing the cleaning method. However, most professionals will opt for gentle hand treatment techniques.

Keeping this in mind, Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean will always carry out our services carefully. We will never pressure wash your roof, as this does more harm than good. Along with this, we use specialist biocide treatment so moss can’t return. If you have searched for roof cleaning companies Surrey, look no further and contact us today.