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Separating commercial and residential roofing

Our speciality is offering the most professional roof cleaning Weybridge has available. The reputation we have built is one that revolves around reliable and swift services. In addition, we use specialist treatments to make our results long lasting. We can also give your roof the attention it needs without having to use aggressive methods.

It is not always the same story

You might believe that commercial and residential roofs are pretty similar. In certain instances, this is true. However, it is often the other way around and they have unique attributes. Usually they demand separate approaches because of the size, skill, and use. To help clear up any confusion, we are going to discuss distinctions between the pair.

What are they made of?

Most importantly, the roofs often use different materials. This is significant as individual ones can require specific cleaning methods. There can be some degree of crossover though, such as tile form sheeting. But, you should expect to encounter entirely separate substances on a home or business roof.

One area where there has been a big shift recently is with metal roofing. In the past, these were the mainstay of industrial and commercial properties. For residential roofs though, their use was rare. That began to change slowly. An increasing number of people are now using metal products. The reason for this is their relatively low price tag. Furthermore, these roofs are durable and lightweight. If you desire the best roof cleaning Weybridge has available, feel free to contact our team anytime.

Why use different materials?

The reasons why people tend to use separate materials for commercial and residential roofing are due to the roofs and their requirements. The demands for a home are usually very different to those for other sectors. For example commercial designs are going to have to cover a wider area. The size makes it tricky to use materials like traditional tiles or shingles. Sheeting is better.

With residential roofs, their job is to keep the home warm and weatherproof to a far greater level of certainty. For this reason, they are typically steeper in terms of the pitch. It helps with rain flow and the snow. This is not as significant for commercial structures since people tend not to live in them overnight. Also, a flatter roof is less expensive when covering a much bigger area, which commercial roofs do.

More than roof cleaning in Weybridge

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we have done extensive work on the rejuvenation of rooftops. Our efforts have led to us becoming the finest business in our industry in the area. This is not our only focus though. If you need us to, our team can do work on your gutters and driveways. This makes our service even more invaluable.

So, tell us if there is a problem with your roof, gutters, or drive and we will provide a great solution. We are confident you will see exactly why we are the best name for roof cleaning Weybridge has. You can call us or email anytime and we will give you any help you need.