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How and why you need to clean slate roofs

We are known for offering services for roof cleaning Guildford residents keep coming back to. People prefer us because we specialise in manual cleaning that offers long lasting results. The advantage of doing things our way is that your roof will not deteriorate quicker like it could when using a pressure washer.

When you have us remove moss from a slate roof in particular, it will enhance the aesthetics of your property considerably. Your house will therefore make an excellent first impression on anyone who sees it. Plus, if you leave lichens and moss on slate it is going to become porous if you give it enough time. That means it won’t last as long as it should or look as nice as you hope.

How much debris is there?

The manner in which you should clean your slate roof tiles depends on how much debris there is. One of the leading approaches is to prepare by disposing of most of the moss and debris by hand. Afterwards, you need to apply a non-aggressive treatment to the tiles. This works by killing off the biofilm. The treatment shall carry on doing its job as time goes on. It can also get a helping hand from the weather.

What you need to keep in mind though is you may not see the results of the treatment straight away. It can take time to remove the biofilm, especially if the organic matter has been growing for a long time. But it will happen in time and the tiles will then begin to self-clean.

There are also a few extra benefits to this strategy. Firstly, it is less harsh on the roof. Secondly, your roof will have protection from growths for many years.

Regular services

Cleaning your roof frequently is crucial if you want your slate to stay in top condition. When moss gathers, it functions similarly to a sponge and holds onto the moisture. In this state, it won’t take much for the tiles to split once the winter arrives. This is when everything freezes over. If you desire the highest quality roof cleaning Guildford can provide, contact our skilful team.

Slate is a sedimentary rock. As a result, it has minuscule layers that you can split with ease. This is the characteristic that establishes it as an appropriate roofing substance. However, once it is on the roof it can absorb water. Furthermore, it can de-laminate naturally when the freeze-and-thaw cycles of winter take place. That is why you need to take action with cleaning. Doing so can reduce the risk of damage and help the materials to last much longer.

We provide top quality roof cleaning in Guildford

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we invest in the best people and equipment to ensure the highest standards. Our clients appreciate this and have helped us to become one of the top businesses in our industry.

So, if you want help from the most skilful name for roof cleaning Guildford has, choose us. You can speak to our company today if you would like advice, a quote, and more.