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The trouble that lichen can cause for you

We have become successful at cleaning roofs because we have taken a different approach to many other establishments. Our team differs due to the fact we prefer to remove roof debris manually and treat it with biocide. This leads to long lasting results. It has also led to us becoming the foremost company for roof cleaning Cobham has.

Lichen can grow on all kinds of external surfaces. This includes outdoor furniture, siding, paving, and decking. It can be particularly damaging to rooftops too. Therefore, you must treat it correctly so you don’t pay to repair expensive damages.

An introduction to lichen

If you don’t know much about lichen, it is an invasive organism that is both fungus and algae. Fungus makes up the principal component. It depends on the algae to generate nutrients that let it develop and spread. Lichen also needs sunlight, air, and water to thrive.

Something else to note is that the growth can manifest in all kinds of sizes and shapes. You can see them in a plethora of colours including white, black, orange, and blue. The three primary kinds of lichen are crustose, fruticose, and foliose.

With the foliose variety, they have two bottom and top sides. They can be ridged, leafy, and flat.

Fruticose lichens are going to be shaped like shrubs or coral, along with flat or round branches. Some of them have a hollow centre. Others grow from their core.

As for crustose lichens, they are patches that produce a sort of crust over the exterior. Speak to us if you need the best services for roof cleaning Cobham can provide.

Leaving lichen alone is a terrible idea

When you do this, it can result in permanent harm to exterior surfaces. As well as the ugly growth, it can lead to pitting. This typically causes expensive repairs and leaks.

Roofs are particularly vulnerable to lichen growths. They can cause major damage. This growth has the capacity to hold moisture against surfaces. What this does is hasten the wear and tear. Plus if surface moisture freezes, it can cause frost damage. This can lead to your shingles warping, bending, and separating from one another with time.

If the lichen damages the roof, the life expectancy of your structure can diminish considerably. You will find yourself replacing the roof sooner instead of later.

Roof cleaning in Cobham for reputable experts

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we have built our reputation on offering the public reliable services. We rejuvenate the roofs without being aggressive. We also do the work in a decent amount of time too.

So, if you wish to work with the top company for roof cleaning Cobham has, please let us know. We can offer advice, quotes, and expert services for all kinds of roofing.