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How to handle boil-off

We are a successful business because we prefer to use methods that focus on the long term preservation of your property. What we mean by this is that we use manual techniques that don’t damage your roof. Using this approach, we have become one of the leading establishments working in roof cleaning Camberley has. Clients can rely on us to deliver top workmanship every time.

When you clean the roof in hot weather, you can experience what is known as boil-off. Tackling this issue on a warm day is a vital aspect of efficient soft washing. A summer heatwave brings with it a number of obstacles. One of them is the changes it makes to soft wash cleaning items. It can alter the chemical properties for the worst.

The trouble with high temperatures

Heat makes many roof washing chemicals more reactive. In other words, it can amplify their strength. Due to this fact, it is a smart idea to lower the dilution on extremely hot days.

On many jobs, there are going to be elevations that are not as warm as others are. In this scenario, it would be preferable to use the soft wash products at standard strength on the cooler ones.

With hotter elevations, you are best off pre-wetting them. This is going to lower the dilution efficiently. Speak to us if you require assistance from the leading company specialising in roof cleaning Camberley has.

Additional tips

If you are unfamiliar with dealing with boil-off, we have some extra tips we would like to share. Pre-wetting exteriors that are incredibly hot is an excellent way of cooling them down. This is in addition to minimising the dilution of your soft wash chemical.

In extreme heat conditions, it is also advisable to get someone to pre-wet the exterior just before you treat it. This is because rapid boil-off is a major concern here. Pre-wetting allows you to cool the exterior and gives soft wash chemicals a greater activation time. This enhances their effectiveness.

Something else you should do here is work on small areas at a time. This is one of the best ways of dealing with boil-off. In addition, when possible, try to apply your chemicals on cooler days or the coolest part of a hot day. For example, you can work early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Roof cleaning in Camberley that is very reliable

Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean have become well known for offering reliable services. After manually removing the moss, dirt and other things from a roof, we apply our special biocide. This prevents growths from returning. As a result, you will have a clean roof for many years to come.

So, if you require the services of the foremost business for roof cleaning Camberley has, please give us a call. We deliver the best results for every property, working effectively all year round.