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Removing moss from a pitched roof

The idea with pitched roofs is that they can efficiently redirect water to gutters so that it does not stand on the roof. However, anything that gets in the way of this can cause big problems. For example it could be dirt or moss growing on the roof. To protect your property, you should choose a reliable service to keep everything clean. We can help, offering the best roof cleaning Leatherhead clients can ask for.

Why is moss such an issue here?

Moss on a pitched roof can cause issues for several reasons. Firstly it can stop the water from flowing away. Instead, it can absorb and hold it, leaving the surface wetter for longer. As it spreads across the surface, it can mean when it rains that there is a lot of moisture there. This can wear away the tiles much faster than they should.

A second issue is that the moss can grow down the roof, falling over the laps between rows of tiles. Eventually it can reach the bottom and get into the guttering. It can stick here and grow, causing blockages. In many cases it can also get into the downspout and cause a blockage here too. What this means is that the water that does get into your gutters won’t drain away quickly. This can attract pests and even pull gutters down because of the excess weight.

Why choose roof cleaning?

The best way to keep your roof in order and protect the tiles and guttering is to clean it. In fact, it is better to tackle moss as early as possible so it does not get the chance to spread as much. The goal should be to remove as much of it as possible by manually scraping it off the tiles. Then you can use a biocide to kill small traces and provide long lasting protection.

One thing you need to avoid here is pressure washers. They can damage the tiles, are unlikely to get rid of all the moss, and can be dangerous to use on a roof. They are also unwise if you are working up as they could lift tiles. Scraping with hand tools is a better option in every regard, even if it does take more time.

It may also be wise to arrange gutter cleaning at the same time as taking care of the roof. This can get rid of any moss and dirt that may be in the gutters. It can ensure you have a full roofing system that will get rid of water efficiently.

Choose us for roof cleaning in Leatherhead

Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean is a company that knows our business very well. We have built a fantastic reputation by offering safe services and results that last. We want the roofs we clean to look great and keep your property safe.

So, if you want to arrange roof cleaning, Leatherhead has no better team to call. Speak to us today for a quote or advice if you have any queries.