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The best ways to clean conservatory roofs

A job like cleaning the roof is something that you should do correctly every time. When you use the wrong methods, you can actually do harm to your property. Fortunately, our business specialises in manual techniques that won’t ruin your roof. Thanks to them, we have become the top establishment for roof cleaning Dorking has.

One thing that really makes us stand out is that we have been cleaning roofs for many years. This includes tackling conservatories when necessary. People who need a service tend to ask about the dos and don’ts of the process. To help, we have written a quick guide. It should answer your most pressing questions.

Zero pressure

With conservatories, and roof cleaning in general, pressure washers can cause many problems. There are materials that just can’t endure high or even low pressure jet washing. With a conservatory you could end up harming the glass, plastic, and seals. Instead of risking the damage, you should rely on the best company for roof cleaning Dorking has.

What you should do however is clean and maintain the rooftop regularly. It could be a monthly, bi-annual, or annual arrangement. Regular cleaning shall prevent the build-up of algae and filth. This will reduce wear and keep everything looking great.

The frequency at which you must clean a conservatory roof will depend on the structure’s orientation. Your windows might get plenty of sunlight. If so, the rain is going to evaporate faster. In shadier areas however, rain shall linger, leading to the windows getting dirtier. If there are trees in the area you may need more frequent services too.

No alcohol

Avoid alcohol based cleaners. Spirits and thinners have the ability to attack and damage the conservatory’s plastic components. You should also avoid using metallic abrasive pads and cloths. These can damage your glass, seals, and plastics.


Make sure you also tackle the build up of dirt and debris in your gutters too. Keeping your guttering systems free of blockages is essential. The conservatory won’t stay clean otherwise. Build ups of debris, leaves, and dirt can cause the gutters to overflow. This could damage the structure, as well as making a mess of the windows.

Reliable roof cleaning in Dorking

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we offer a reliable service that delivers stellar results. Our business has the skills and experience to tackle any problem. Not to mention, it makes us the safest alternative to the more aggressive cleaning services that others offer.

If you wish to work with the leading company for roof cleaning Dorking has, give us a call today. We can offer quotes, advice, and more.