Soffits and Fascias

As you can tell from the name, our speciality comes in the form of maintaining gutters and roofs. In fact, the community considers us the number one business for roof cleaning Surrey has. To ensure that we obtain the top-notch results we’re known for, we only use gentle techniques. We also have the finest workers.

Guttering might be our forte, but for others, the subject is foreign to them. To give you a better grasp of it, we intend to discuss those terms you probably aren’t familiar with. In particular, we will be concentrating on soffits and fascias here, two of the more simple terms.


Up first is fascia, which is a word that is common with gutter quotations. What it is exactly is the extended board that runs the distance of the roof’s lower edge. It exists to protect and coat the roof rafters to safeguard them from the elements. The gutter is directly secured to it. Usually, they’re PVC. This heightens their durability and makes cleaning them a breeze.


Beneath the fascia lies the soffit. This is yet another component commonly made with PVC material. It makes gutter maintenance a rapid and easy task here too. It is the soffit’s purpose to prevent everything from getting inside your roof. This includes water, birds, and insects.

If you want your soffits and fascias to remain in good shape, then frequent maintenance shall be necessary. By keeping on top of everything, you likely won’t have to spend insane amounts of cash installing a new gutter in the future.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, the methods we use have proven to be effective against algae, lichen, and moss. In addition to clearing them away, we also use our biocide to discourage them from resurfacing. You can always expect great results when you work with us; that is why we are one of the most popular teams for roof cleaning Surrey has to offer.

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