Why roof cleaning is a must

Getting your roof cleaned may be at the bottom if your list of priorities or it may not be on there at all. This could be an oversight that may lead to some serious issues. Luckily our team is here to help. We are one of the best roof cleaning companies Surrey has because we can provide the right service every time, even if the condition of your roofing is not your priority.

Moss and algae cause problems

The main problem that faces your roof is moss and algae. The main issue they cause is water damage. They hold water which can lead to your roof tiles breaking prematurely. A more serious problem this can cause is roof damage, leading to leaks in your property. It is therefore never a wise thing to leave the organic material on the surface for long.

We can remove any spots either by scraping or using a wire brush to remove any signs. A small patch can grow and cover your whole roof quickly, but we can remove it for you. Moss and algae is not something you have to put up with.

You may find that your roof is a different colour under the years of muck and grime. Cleaning your roofing can also boost its life. Our service is always gentle. We do not use pressure washers, as this can loosen or destroy tiles.

A professional service is a good investment

You should get a professional to clean your roof. They have specialist equipment to get the job done. Our experienced team also know how to stay safe while working at heights without damaging your roof.

Cleaning your roof may seem like a waste of money, but it can reduce the chance of moss turning into a roof repair job. We also use a biocide to help remove any small traces. It can reduce the likelihood of re-growth while giving you your roof colour back.

We have public liability insurance cover to give you peace of mind. As a result, in the unlikely situation where there was an issue, you will not be stuck with a bill.

As you can imagine, it’s hard to get the right information about the state of your roof over internet. This is why we offer a no obligation, free quote in 15 short minutes. After inspecting your roof, we can discuss options on how to tackle the problem.

Contact us today if you have any queries, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Our gentle yet effective process is one of the reasons we are the first choice for roof cleaning companies Surrey residents love. You can always rely on us to do a great job.