Make your roof beautiful again

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we understand the importance of caring for your roofing to prevent issues developing. Our team can efficiently remove the years of moss and algae that has built up. We have gained our reputation as the best roof cleaners Surrey has by always providing great customer service. In addition we work fast but stay effective.

Cleaning Your Roof

We offer a moss and algae removal service that is perfect for restoring your roof. It will leave the roofing materials looking their very best. We use a manual method, scraping and wire brushing because it is gentler and less likely to damage the tiles. This leaves you with a roof that will give any passers-by a great impression.

After removing the moss, we treat surface with a special biocide. This protects it, preventing re-growth and eliminating any traces that may have been left behind after cleaning. You will also find that your roof has a new colour underneath. This is because it can change after years of algae build up.

Everyone who works for us undergoes extensive training. As a result they will stay safe throughout the whole process. This is very important because there are several risks, including falling from the roof. Fortunately our team are ready for any job.

We also offer gutter cleaning services to keep your house in good shape. If the moss reaches your guttering or if debris falls in, it can cause an array of issues. No one wants water stained brickwork and damaged, overflowing gutters. We can help with this.

Get in touch with our team today for a free, no obligation quote. We can get enough information about the amount of cleaning your roof will need in a short 15 minute visit. Once we understand the variables and requirements of the work, we can give you an accurate price.

Choose roof cleaners Surrey residents rely on to give them peace of mind. Contact us today to give your roofing the restoration it deserves.