Weeding the driveway

Our team works to deliver long term results as opposed to a quick and easy approach. To this end, we use manual methods in tandem with an inhibitor treatment to ward off the likes of moss and algae from your roofing. Our team members are also experienced in handling all sorts of other debris. Because of our efforts, we have become the foremost establishment for roof cleaning Surrey has.

Apart from rooftops and gutters, we also excel at working on driveways. It doesn’t matter what variety of paving your drive has, you must be proactive to keep it in good shape. This includes attending to the weeds that grow inside the joints. If there’s any debris or dirt on your driveway, it won’t be long before a weed can take hold.

Pull them up

The trouble with weeds is that it’s inevitable that they will appear. It might have been because you were away for a while or you simply may not have brushed the drive. Once you get the chance to work on them though, see to it that you pull up those weeds that have taken root. Try to get as much of the root as possible.

Something else you need to do is remove those weeds that have taken root in the joints. If they are sand filled, then it’s likely that some of the sand will come out with the weed. After you’ve taken care of the removal and swept the area, you should replace the sand. Remember not to leave a joint only partially filled.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we train everyone on our team to reach the highest possible standards whilst they’re working. The techniques we use aren’t nearly as abrasive as classical jet washing. This means you can expect your driveway and roofing to come out unscathed.

If you require our aid, please give us a call. Remember we are the more reputable provider of roof cleaning Surrey has; we achieve the same high standards when working on driveway surfaces too.