Some helpful spring roof cleaning advice

If you are looking for the best provider of roof cleaning Surrey has, then you have come to the right place. Specialising in manually removing all dirt and debris, followed by applying a special biocide to discourage future regrowths, we aim to clean your roofing without compromising the integrity. With the most up to date equipment and one of the best cleaning teams behind us, our company is one you can rely on.

With the winter more or less behind us, a thorough roof clean should be on the cards for spring. There are two very good reasons as to why your roofs need attending to every year. The first is that it stops your rooftop from being destroyed by algae and moss. Secondly, it’ll remain functional for longer, and look beautiful at the same time as a result. The cleaning work might seem simple enough for you, but we recommend that you let the professionals handle it for safety reasons and to produce the best results.

When cleaning, the first thing that has to be done is making certain that all the debris that has accumulated is removed. This refuse can gather up in your gutters and drainage points, and on any flattened surfaces. In these locales, you are most likely to come across organic build-ups like leaves, dirt and branches.

For the actual cleaning efforts, metal-tipped instruments should not be utilised. They can damage the roofing materials and cause a greater number of problems as the roof gets older. Stiff-bristled brooms work well in this scenario as do rubber trowels. When brushing or scraping the roof, always push in the direction of the roofing materials to prevent them from becoming raised. A more hands on approach will be necessary for gutter debris, ensuring you physically pick all of the debris out.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean our treatments can revitalise your roof and make it appear like new. Many businesses prefer to use pressure washers for roof cleaning, but they actually do a fair amount of harm. It is for this reason why we opt for manual solutions instead. Should your roof require attention, we are the ones to call.