No matter the species, clean away those awful growths

Competition is high amongst the roof cleaning companies in Surrey. Fortunately we have a unique selling point in that we combine a non-destructive hand-on cleaning method with a specially selected biocide. This allows us to produce unbeatable results and deliver the very best value for our clients.

Taking the necessary steps to have your roof cleaned makes a lot of sense if you think about it. The value of the property as a whole can drop substantially when the roofing is covered with moss, algae, or lichen. These materials not only minimise the roof’s lifespan; they also introduce a host of health risks. If the growths get too bad they can also lead to blocked gutters and dirty driveways and patios.

It’s true that not all algae and fungi pose a health risk, some however are indeed detrimental. This is particularly true for youngsters, older residents, and those suffering from respiratory trouble. The spores from them, which make their home on your roof, can enter the house because they make their way to the walkways and driveways via the rain. From here, they can be tracked inside with ease. Even our air conditioning is a favoured travel route for the spores, which can lead to them inhabiting the ducts.

The various fungi and algae species have different effects, but the most crucial thing to remember is that regardless of type, any considerable growths need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Massive growths can result in not only structural issues, but heightened allergies as well.

At Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean we recommend that you call on us as soon as you see even the smallest signs of organic growths on the roof. Remember it takes a little bit of time for moss, algae and lichen to establish on a surface. They can be present for several weeks or months before stains and other visual signs appear.

Our services will not only will this enhance the longevity of your house; they will also help to keep you safe from all of those nasty side effects that moss, algae and lichen bring with them. Let us know if we can be of assistance to you.