Roof cleaners should know when to be tough on roofs

Having built a reputation around a hasty and efficient service, our roof cleaners in Surrey are known for getting results. Utilising manual removal methods, as well as a special biocide treatment, we not only strive to clean the roof, but discourage moss and algae growths from returning. With the most up to date equipment at our disposal, no roof is too dirty for us.

A number of strategies are employed by professional cleaning companies such as ours in order to make certain that the rooftops are cleaned thoroughly. This includes the likes of hand cleaning and dedicated chemical treatment solutions. Should any approach be used too aggressively however, it can cause damage. To give an example, the protective roofing materials could end up being forcibly removed. That is exactly why we don’t use pressure washing.

Roof cleaning is a practice that should also be undertaken in non-toxic ways that are safe for everyone and everything. If unsuitable methods and treatments are implemented, the roofs can become stained, adding to the problem instead of resolving it. As experts in our field, we are able to decide which treatments would be most beneficial, as well as safe.

What really sets us apart is we have the experience to determine when to be gentle with materials and when a little extra elbow grease is needed. There are some cases when exerting some extra pressure to remove materials is acceptable. This is particularly true when it is important to get rid of all traces so the moss, algae, or lichen doesn’t quickly grow back.

At Surrey Roof & Gutter Clean, in addition to your roofs, we can also clear out your gutters if they require attention. Overly aggression cleaning like pressure washing is never the answer; too much force is bad news for the roof’s structural integrity.

If your rooftop needs attending to, our team are the ones for the job.