Can’t I just clean the roof myself?

Our team are called in to clean roofs that have become too dirty as well as to provide preventative services to protect those surfaces that look clear from first glance. Preferring to do everything by hand, as opposed to the more forceful method of using a pressure washer, we not only seek to clean your roof, but maintain its integrity as well. Our base of operations in Guildford, means we are ideally located and has made us the best provider of roof cleaning Surrey has.

One vital thing you must consider when deciding between hiring experienced roof cleaners or the DIY approach is how qualified you are to take on the job. The height means that working on any roof is rather dangerous, especially to the untrained. Therefore, anyone who is somewhat lacking in experience should find assistance in order to lower the risks.

In a similar fashion to how you must be ready for the physical demands of roof cleaning, one must also be privy to knowledge on the equipment and products that are utilised in the practice. Certain types of roofs call for different kinds of cleaning agents to be used on them. After all, not every roof is manufactured in the same way, meaning that specific products shall be required to clean them without causing damage.

Anyone who is even remotely thinking about doing everything themselves has to consider the above points during their preparation. The equipment is critical and the most appropriate choices are imperative when deciding on how to best preserve your roof. Making the wrong choice can prove disastrous, so you should probably play it safe and call in the professionals.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we are aware of which methods are most effective for a given scenario. Careful planning is necessary and we always approach each roof cleaning Surrey with safety in mind. That way we avoid potentially putting you or ourselves in danger and also protect the integrity of the surface we are cleaning.

If your roof is overdue for a clean, or you want preventative steps to be taken, we are the people you can depend on.