The consequences of ignoring your gutters

As one of the most professional roof cleaning companies Surrey has to offer, we only adopt those methods that pose no threat to the integrity of your roofing. Instead of jet washing, which has proven to be detrimental to the tiles, we prefer to remove everything by hand instead and apply a special treatment that discourages future regrowths. With the most up to date equipment and £1 million in public liability insurance behind them, our people always strive to meet the highest standards.

It’s vital that you look after your roofs, but gutters also require attention every now and then. Whenever you ponder over how to avoid repairs, the one fact you have to remember is that clean gutters are considerably less susceptible to deterioration than blocked systems. As it happens, the two most common problems that homeowners come across are blockages in both the main gutter and its downpipes.

Leaking gutter joints are another major annoyance for homeowners. In fact, the biggest contributor to isolated damp in UK houses is leaking gutters. Leaks can manifest whenever debris becomes stuck in the joints, or from normal wear and tear. If you are one such individual that has damp in your own premises, check your gutters prior to doing anything else to make certain that they are not the cause of your woes.

A final indicator of damage to be wary of is sagging gutters. This can occur once a gutter becomes weighed down by standing water and debris. Faulty brackets or rusty screws may also be responsible. With annual cleaning, these issues can be highlighted and addressed before you run the risk of the guttering breaking.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we possess the skills necessary to work on both roofs and gutters. It’s easy for your systems to become blocked thanks to dirt, leaves, silt and other natural debris, but what isn’t easy is having to pay for the damages that they could cause. Therefore, as soon as you notice any problems developing, get in touch with our company. Alternatively have us inspect to find any indications of problems and clean everything up pre-emptively.