Never use any harmful substances to clean a roof

Using harmful chemicals and cleaning products on a roof is a bad idea. They can damage the roofing materials, guttering, and also get into drains, potentially causing even more harm down the line. Whenever something other than old fashioned elbow grease is needed to clean the roof it is important to ensure it is safe.

The fact that we are one of the longest serving roof cleaners in Surrey showcases where our focus lies. Our aim on every job is longevity, ensuring the roofing materials will last for as long as possible and looking out for gutters and drains too. As a result you will never see us use any kinds of bleaches or other chemicals to clean the surface.

The only product we use on roofs is a specially developed biocide. This is added to the surface once we have scraped away all of the moss, algae, and lichen. It is designed to give the roof a protective coating that will prevent organic materials from growing for a period of time.

The biocide is safe for use and won’t cause damage to the roof materials, gutters, drains, or the wider environment. Our team have a lot of experience with it and only ever use the minimal amount to get the best results. It is added from the top of the roof so it can flow down gently, ensuring we don’t utilise too much.

Clients can have complete confidence in our skills and the biocide we have selected. We have used it on numerous roofs in the past to deliver a fantastic finish and stave off the growth of organic materials for a longer period of time. It is proven to work and not be hazardous.

If you would like to arrange for our roof cleaners in Surrey to visit your property and clean up the roofing simply contact us to arrange the best time for you. We are flexible and strive to offer the safest, most efficient services.